100 MINIATURES, a set of one hundred black & white images,
with one hundred metaphysical sayings in prose . . .

"The more in tune we are with the natural world,
the fewer and fewer words & images will be needed
to say ever-more important things."

Cliff Crego,
Oregon X.29.2013

100 MINIATURES—online gallery

Each miniature is a kind of meditation on one idea & one image;
Each lasts ±15 seconds; They play in random order.
The music is my
for hand-played ePecussion Orchestra.

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This is the second draft of a FOUR-DRAFT project;
The first draft is already on the web, each poster w/ its own page,
and own downloadable PDF. For a sample in TWEET form
and to
download the entire set of 100, follow links below....,

#art #poster THE POETRY OF IMAGES http://bit.ly/1alu3UQ
pdf http://bit.ly/192X9ue SET of 100 MINIATURES [24 Mb]

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about four months a year.
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FOR INFO about the 100 MINIATURES project,
how to buy prints online, or how you can do an exhibit
with large or small-scale prints near you,
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