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January 2011:
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The World's first
webpage turns
20 . . .

A Picture/Poem
of links

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The World's first webpage turns 20 . . .

In a flash of insight,
20 years ago Tim Berners-Lee
put the ideas of hyperlink &
uniform resource locator (URL)
together on one page, giving
birth to the web . . .

The historic address is still
the elegant & simple:


(87) There are those inventions which impose
structure on the mind, forcing us to think in
unnatural ways as we might walk with one foot
tied behind the back;

And there are those inventions which are already
implicit in the workings of the mind at its very
best, letting us create with all the ease of freely
flowing water.

The humble hyperlink, tying together all the
unique thoughts of the world without arbitrary
limit or boundaries, brings home and makes
explicit a key fact of the new era—that the mind
of humanity is indeed somehow one.

Cliff Crego (from 100 MINIATURES pdf)

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