9-bark in Riparian (Physocarpus capitatus), last year's seeds\
9-bark in Riparian (Physocarpus capitatus), last year's seeds,
A week on the Metolius River, Central Cascades [ click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the American Northwest.


Each time

I spark the gas

into flame,

I remember that I've forgotten

the poem

about our long journey

from the deep cold of night

into the warming fires of the day.

Better, not to forget

this poem.


I shall not forget this tree of life

that roots

my life,

that gives leaf to my ideas,

gives wood

to my night



has no place

on this tree.

(iii) We shape the world and the world shapes us.

Some problems we choose, others choose us. Either way,
the problem of problems is that they form the vital, living
center of one's life. See the majesty of the solitary Doug-fir,
the depth of its roots as yet unsounded, the circumference
of its spirit still unmeasured, still unknown.

Muir (Crater) Lake,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

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