CLIFF CREGO | ABOVE HIDDEN LAKE, late mountan spring

ABOVE HIDDEN LAKE, late mountan spring (VII.21.2011) [ click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the Northwest of America.


(30) In both Music and Poetry, what is important
is not so much what we think of as style or aesthetics,
but rather the quality of energy which manifests in
a piece as we bring it to life in performance. What
makes Music or Poetry relevant or new, regardless
of when it was composed, who is playing or saying
it, or from which world culture it originates, is the
strength of resonance its energy has with the repertoire
of metaphysical urgencies of the present moment.

(31) In the Arts, the degree of precision required
in any particular situation should not be dictated
merely by largely arbitrary external standards, but
rather informed by the inner movement of meaning
within the widest possible context being considered.
Irrelevant precision results in the imprecision of
something relevant.

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