TOAD LOVE—July the 1st, just after spring snowmelt [ click photo for next . . . ]
on Little Eagle Meadows (Bufo borealis) . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.


(i) If it is ugly, it is not good. If it is not good, we have
made a mistake. It's bad not to correct mistakes.


One fine morning, Dr. Babbitt went out to count all the dew
drops in the world. He saw that there were many, many
dew drops, all sparkling, all perfectly clear and round, on
every new spring leaf and blade of grass. He knew this to
be true, that there were many, many dew drops, and that
the task of counting them would be formidable. But this only
made him all more eager to begin his work. After all, the
numbers would be huge, would be most certainly historic.
At the same time, he also knew, "There cannot be infinitely
And it was this matter of objective numerical limit that
he very much wanted to settle once and for all. So he asked
the Frogs to help. (Actually, they were Toads, but that was all
the same to Dr. Babbitt once he stood corrected.) And so, the
counting began. That is, until the Frogs, that is, the Toads,
realised the futility. "But dear, dear Dr. Babbitt, there are far
too many, many dew drops, and we are too few. And they are
all disappearing in the Sun!"

And so, Dr. Babbitt decided to postpone his task for a while
and give himself a bit of time to reconsider his approach to
the matter. After all, he was already so excited by the great
number of zeros and other sundry nothings he had collected
that he figured that he could go back to sleep for the remainder
of the day. "Ah yes," he thought. "This science of dew drops
is such a tiring affair! Darn those Frogs, I mean, those Toads!"

Little Eagle Meadows,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

| download mp3 MOUNTAIN TOAD CHORUS |

Recorded at 1450 m. V.13.2011 | Notice that, as I walk closer to
the male Toads over the snow, they stop singing, one by one. In a
way, you could say that this happens a lot: As we ttry to get closer
to something to study it, it vanishes!

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