White Marsh Marigold (Caltha leptosepala) [ click photo for next . . . ]
At 2450 m. this little alpine miracle was snowed in again
this year by October the 1st. Such intensity of life
compressed into such a short period. Eagle Cap Wilderness.

On the road in the American Northwest.

(1) The spring gives freely

of its water,

but only in freedom

can we drink.

Omnia rerum origo est musica /

Music is the source of all things.

HILDEGARD'S GARDEN—a long-line sonnet

From the banks of the River Rhein, returning salmon pause,
Pondering great cycles of green, blue, and golden light,
Pulsing above a convent on a hill, shimmerings of sound,
Visions from a more subtle realm, from the lips of women

Rounded in a's and o's: O grace of Maria, O axis mundi,
Modes of but one crystaline amethyst flow, from North Sea
To the heart-center of the uncharted Alps, a river flows.
Whole. Heal. Hale. Water heals. Sound heals. Plants heal.

O walled garden paradise with beds of Wormwood and Yew,
Hyssop, Skullcap and Rue. Do we translate arete as
Virtue, or excellence? We hear the discussions of the feminine,

Of wild-eyed girls dancing in circles around the Moon,
Of salmon running upstream, following a silver ribbon of sound
Spanning from sea to stars, and to places we've not yet seen.

Camp Lost & Found,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

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* Special thanks to friend, Ruth Kaupe—like myself, also a student
of Hildegard von Bingen's music and life—for helping me
with my Latin grammar here.

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