Spring Sedge (Carex scopulorum). Eagle Cap Wilderness

Spring Sedge (Carex scopulorum) (VI.30.2009). Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.


There are some complementarities that are not only basic, but also
somehow essential. One that comes immediately to mind is that, in a
balanced culture, there will evidently be a need to have both a Lunar
and a Solar calendar, the lunar for the fickle and feminine, and the
solar for the masculine and precise. Another, is an individual’s need
for both a small, intimate, protected space for the body to rest at night,
balanced by the need by day for an open, unbounded, Montana-like
sky. We need both, it seems to me, to allow for the wild side of our
nature to let go of the known and fully unfold.

A third related essential complementarity is that of the large and small,
of the birder’s binoculars and the botanist’s magnifying glass, or the
photographer’s wide-angle lens for the big view, and the close-up
macro lens to give voice to the myriad miraculous details of the worlds
of the small, and the very, very, small.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it! It’s good for the eyes, good for the
mind. Like drinking pure spring water at its source, or throwing oneself
after a good sweat into a cold, fast-running stream. Reaching out
to take in the far away; and reaching down to bring up into better view
the more humble, often neglected, yet oh-so-beautiful world just under
our feet.

[ from page 358 of THE LITTLE CLAVIER [ PDF 110 MB]

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