Dipper Falls, spring "mountain water" "wallowas"

DIPPER FALLS, mountain spring (VI.30.2009) . . . The way of water,
when still in its natural state,displays at all levels an amazing richness and complexity.
I like to take off along alpine streams and keep hiking and climbing and
till I find their source, frequently up above in snowfields above
treeline. Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .

On the road in the American Northwest.

THREE KEYBOARD ETUDES, after Domeico Scarlatti
The brilliant sound of a contemporary grandpiano, say like
a Steinway, reminds me of the sparkling light of fast-flowing
water. My little Etudes are composed in that wonderful Italian
spirit of light and bright movement. [NOTE: If you're a pianist,
or read music, open the MP3 below in a separate window,
then open the score above in full-screen (lower ritght) to
follow along.]

[ download free MP3 for the 3rd Etude (3.6 Mb)]


Just as there can be no partial freedom of speech, there
can be no halfway democracy.

Democracy at the ballot box without democracy at the
workplace is like being able to freely choose which train
or bus to get on, but having nothing to say about where
it is going, or when and where to get off.

What kind of freedom, what kind of democracy, is that?


What is the difference between a Market Economy and
a Social Economy?

One is based on profit; the other on both profit and ethical

Clearly, a necessarily self-destructive feature of all Market
Economies is that they ultimately will ravage the very
foundation or ground upon which they depend—the Earth
and ourselves—because this is the easiest and most direct
route to monetary success. The Social Economy, however,
because it is by its very nature self-limiting, must necessarily
ask like a farmer concerned about the long-term health of his
or her soil: "Is there not a better way?

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