CLIFF CREGO | DIPPER FALLS, polyphonic flowforms

DIPPER FALLS, polyphonic flowforms, (recording playing in back IS Dipper Falls!)
the South Wallowas, Oregon
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As I repeat over and over to myself: Form
emerges out of movement; it is the outward
envelope of pulse of change. So water in
flowing movement is one of my primary subjects.
But not merely the visual image. I'm also
a pilgrim of rivers, creeks and streams
because of the sonosphere, or soundscape,
or sound environment, which surrounds thems,
which they bring forth.

In a way, the sound of rushing water is
the most fundamental, the most generative,
the most primary sound of our home planet.
It is also the first thing I miss, the sound
of pure, rushing water, when I leave the
high country.

On the road in the American Northwest.

Mirrors made of sound?

When strings at rest

reflect in sympathetic resonance the movements of

other sounds around them, we hear the beginnings

of Love and Compassion in the physical world.


Believe it or not, there was a book
on the summit. Believe it or not.

One must see these things for oneself:
a metal box bolted to solid granite.

The book was old, but
untouched by wind and weather.

I thought to myself, if there
were a God, angry or not,
a God who shot fierce barbs of lightning,
then that wooden cross over there, and

this book—

would be first to go.


“It’s a long road
that never turns”

These lowland roads!

Threads of stories stretched out straight
through page after page of curveless plot.

The future lies all there before me,
so this question of what next fades
into a horizon forever retreating,
my journey now a matter of perseverance.

Do these endless skies somewhere meet the asphalt
artifacts of this simple geometry?

Does one ever really arrive in Flatland?

But I still don’t know—
shall I take my place with the
chorus of roadside weeds,

or count my steps,
watch my breath,
and lean forward into the wind?

(The Italian Alps
see below

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[the water in the background really IS DIPPER FALLS! |

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