CLIFF CREGO | East Eagle flowforms . . . South Wallowas

East Eagle, Autumn Flowforms . . . South Wallowas, Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
On the road in the American Northwest. [ click photo for next . . . ]

. . . On the Meaning of Natural Limits . . .

Powerful expression in the Arts is channeled

by invisible, yet equally powerful, natural limits.

The mystery of limit is that we never see it, and

yet it guides every step of Creativity’s dance.

Who has not marvelled at the clear sound of

rushing mountain water? And yet the rocks

that bind together the movement remain silently

in the background, ever-more polished,

ever-more serene.

The photograph below, by friend Russ Westlake of Enterprise, Oregon, gives you a picture of my project, WHITEBARKS OF THE WALLOWAS. I'm just recently back down at my Office in happy Eagle Valley processing all the images from a 54-day 2x circumambulation -- on mt bike & on foot -- of the whole of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Whitebark Pines, as we all know by now, are in trouble. Victims of a hotter, drier climate.

The podcast featured here brings together recent work from a QUARTET of websites I run. Or try to run, anyway. It's a lot of work. And the digital world changes so much more quickly than anything I do in the Natural world, it leaves one feeling a bit dizzy, I'm afraid. Be that as it may, the composite features a header RINGTONE trance music called, TRANSALPINO, followed by a "tre sec, sotto voce" meditation on the ever-increasing violence of the world. From there, it's music, Rilke in English and German, soundscapes, and the best of Dutch poetry I know in new English translations. It ends with an essay on nonviolence. Enjoy! And don't forget:—don't sit around and listen to it in some depressingly lonely, dark, room. Hit the download button, top right. Get it on an mp3 player, and head for the hills! That's what I do!

This is a small collection, or
what I think of as a little
of compositions
or pieces, available at
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tracks . . .

Click left to sample &
enjoy (headphones
manditory for movement of
the sound in 3-D space!)

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