East Eagle Flowforms III / Wonderfully Pure Snowmelt Water, High Wallowas

East Eagle Flowforms III / Wonderfully Pure Snowmelt Water, High Wallowas . . .
On the road in the American Northwest. [ click photo for next . . . ]

In the Arts, we may easily be misled by a

work’s surface appearance, and therefore only

belatedly awaken to its deeper, perhaps more

questionable, metaphysical or spiritual source.

It’s like the water of any large city: at first it may

seem perfectly clear, refreshing. But after a while

we may come to sense the drop of poison which

has been added to keep us from getting sick.


The difference between the Old and New Economy is
that the one says, "Let your money work for you!,"
while the other says, "Let the Sun work for you!"

Remarkably, this one difference will necessarily
and in a forceful way help bring the world of Culture
back in step with the world of Nature.


In matters of Philosophy and Design, demonstration
is everything.

Once one stands atop the mountain they said could
not be climbed, has played the piece they said could
not be played, nothing more need be said.

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