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On road in North America.



MONEY OUT OF NOTHING? Insurers make money
out of what doesn't happen. Bankers, from money
they doesn't exist. Lawyers take care of the rest.


Weeds, overgrazing and barbed-wire go together,
like racism, slavery and chains.


A weed is a species of movement
The idea of "WAR ON WEEDS" is itself a "weed"


Just as the farmer works to enrich the fertility of the
soil, philosophy works to enrich the fields of culture
and language. Both farming and philosophy do this
by composting and decomposing outmoded,
contradictory, confused and confusing, concepts
and ideas. With both, what we're after is the fresh
stuff of new meaning.


Corn syrup is to food what corn-based ethanol is to fuel:
wasteful, contradictory, & immoral. Old Ag = 10 calories
gets you 1 / New Ag = 1 calorie gets you 10.

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