FIELDNOTES: #OREGONunderattack, ten different ways of loking
at a conflict.....I.14.2016.
Eagle Cap Wilderness [ click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the American Northwest.

The price of freedom is no loner WAR;

The price of freedom is the revolution of thought

& consciousness which ends conflict -- before --

it happens.


Paradise only lasts a day.
Let Time stretch out to eternity.
Let Space open up to the stars.

The new ice you found at the spring this morning is already gone.
See that Lily over there: it only lasts an hour.

Write that love letter you’ve been waiting for, for a thousand years.
Figure out those equations that Einstein knew he had wrong.

The sound of the rushing water mixes with the late summer wind.
As it always has; as it always has.

Your next life can begin another day.

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All Photographs & texts by Cliff Crego © 1998-2016
(created: I.14.2016)