CLIFF CREGO | Alpine Fleeceflower at Glacier Lake (Polygonum phytolaccaefolium)

ALPINE Fleeceflower at (Lost) Glacier Lake (Polygonum phytolaccaefolium)
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Member of the Buckwheat family——notice the knot-like swellings
giving the clan its other somewhat less charming common name,
Knotweed——after the first frost of highcountry autumn, the entire
plant loses its moisture, becomes paper-like in texture, and then
turns a stunning fiery orange to rusty red. With parboiling and
stirfying, much like, say, Burdock, the finger-thick roots
of Fleeceflower are not only edible but in my opinion a real
delicacy. If there is one plant to know in the Wallowas come
fall, this is it!

Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .

NONVIOLENCE is a way of dealing

with Nature’s basic asymmetry:

that growth is SLOW,

and destruction FAST.


The price of freedom is no longer war. The price of
freedom is now the ending of war. All war. And totally
erasing war-as-idea from the vocabulary of civilized
options, erasing it in precisely the same way as the
idea of slavery
has been erased. Ending war means
the ending of the runaway preparations for war, with
the realization that, every bullet, every landmine, every
bomb, takes us one step closer to tyranny, one step
closer to the acceptance of torture, and to an irreversible
descent into a state-sanctioned barbarism that rejects
ipso facto both rule of law and rule of reason.


Since the beginning of Time and Money, war, and the
preparations for war, have always been the keystone
source of government debt. First, the Devil's banker
created the hook of compound interest. Then, he baited
the hook with promises of unlimited loans for Death
and Destruction. He's been making a killing, ever since.

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(created: X.11.2008)