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GRAFFITI—color generative chaos . . . [click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the Northwest of America.

When music loses its relationship to dance,

it loses its sustaining and nurturing resonance with

the physical body, both of the individual performer

and, by implication, that of the Earth itself;

When music loses its relationship to poetry,

it loses its sustaining and nurturing resonance

with the human voice and, by implication,

the more subtle realms

of meaning and things spiritual.

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and the best of classical music together. The sonosphere—the
sea of sounds which surrounds us—deserves as much attention
and care as our water and air!

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What we think of as tonality in Music is perhaps nothing
more than a confused concept about how sounds are
centered in Space.

Like a tree which reaches from root to crown, suspended
between earth and open sky, sounds move to naturally
center themselves in a dynamic web of relationships.

Implied in this is that what has been called a-tonal
music simply cannot, or does not, exist.

At the same time, it must be said that much music has
indeed been written that lacks strong, clear, articulate

Trying to find one’s way in such music is much like
the exasperating experience of trying to navigate on
foot through prototypically featureless urban landscapes.

Who does not know this feeling, when offered no
center, of being lost before the very beginning?


Generative chaos is the rich polyphony of simultaneous
orders of movement, characteristic of, for example,
both living sound and living water;

Degenerative chaos occurs when movements,
natural or otherwise, contradict, that is—speak
, or fight against, one another. The most
extreme example is perhaps human conflict once
it is energized by the fundamentalism of
absolute belief;

Passive chaos—perhaps the most difficult of the
three to understand—is the mysterious state of
motionlessness, or silence, which is full of the
potential energy of neutrality.


Entertainment gives us the powerful illusion
of passion, of risk, of great adventure; Creativity,
even though it depends upon, and is characterized
by, the reality of those very things, does not give
them to us for free. It does however instantly—

turn off the illusion.

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(created: VI.1.2008)