Hells Canyon, Westside (present state of Oregon, view towards Idaho side—
On the road in the American Northwest. [click photo for next / BUY this photo ]

Every pattern is like a story.

Every story is like a path.

And every path is like a stream,

not just of water,

but of meaning,

but of relationship.

TRUST IS . . .

. . . for Bruno

Trust is . . . the pure, clear water we drink
from a mountain stream, without doubt,
without hesitation;

Trust is . . . the simple house of wood we build around
a deeply rooted tree, bedstead still standing on
rough granite, unmoved, awaiting the pilgrim's

Trust is . . . the rope between two climbers,
double anchor of friendship we know will
hold the falls that are sure to come.


. . . Bruno gewidmet

Vertrauen ist. . . das reine, klare Wasser, das wir
aus einem Gletscherbach trinken, ohne Zweifel,
ohne Zögern;

Vertrauen ist. . . das einfache Haus aus Holz, das wir rund
um einen tief verwurzelten Baum bauen, das Bettgestell auf
rauem Granit stehend , unverändert, in Erwartung
des Pilgers Rückkehr;

Vertrauen ist. . . das Seil zwischen zwei Kletterern,
Doppel-Anker der Freundschaft, der die unerwarteten
Stürze hält, die ganz sicher kommen werden.

[Special thanks to friend, Ruth Kaupe, who help me
smooth and straighten out my, I fear,
hopelessly crooked German grammar.

Camp Lost & Found,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

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