CLIFF CREGO | Western st. John's Wort (Hypericum scouleri ssp. nortoniae), High Wallowas

Western st. John's Wort (Hypericum scouleri ssp. nortoniae),
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High Wallowas . . .

Close relative of the European invasive Klamath Weed
(Hypericum perfolatum), the flowers of the native
St. John's Wort look very similar. It has a strong,
erect, and hairless stem with opposite leaves,
and grows in seeps, close to springs and stream banks.
The yellow of the flowers has a kind of shiny brilliance
one can spot at some distance. The entire plant is

center of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in
Northeast Oregon, Where the Western
St. John's Wort
as photographed . . .

On the road in the Northwest of America.

"Cut down. Dig

up. Put barbed-wire around the rest."

three 37-step poems


Empty, round, metal

cup I use every day, how I’ve

grown fond of the feel in my hand,

center with

gifts from near and far . . .

Hot tea steeped in cold spring water.


Square grid without a

center, towns built with quick money,

with gold, whiskey, easy women.

Your home was

always someplace else.

O Silver Maple, so far West.


Boom days of easy

plunder now a thing of the past,

Speed’s run flat dead knowing that the


was wrong.
Cut down. Dig

up. Put barbed-wire around the rest.

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