CLIFF CREGO | Imnaha, first light, morning after November the 12th [2007] Wind Storm

Imnaha, first light, morning after November the 12th [2007] Wind Storm . . .
On the road in the American Northwest. [click photo for next . . . ]


"You can't do something you don't know, if
you keep on doing what you know."
F. M. Alexander

To kill, either to "pull the trigger," or to give the order
to do so, always means that you must also kill—perhaps
irreversibly—the best and most essential part of yourself;

(1) Bullets always make more enemies than they kill;

(2) Generals always tell you very convincingly they need
more of something—more men, more bombs, more missiles.
What they don't tell you, however, is what they need most:—
more war;

(3) See the fundamental asymmetry: Trust, like a great
and noble Fir tree, takes years, perhaps even centuries,
to grow; Yet it takes only an instant to cut down and destroy.
Torture once, and you are for the whole of the world, always
a torturer;

(4) Standing armies, because they must have a constant,
steady supply of conflict in order to justify their existence,
are the second greatest threat to a republic. The first, or
primary threat is the paid, mercenary force. (Notice that a
paid, professional military is but a preliminary step to the
former, and will of necessity become the new status quo in
any society where a growing majority is opposed to war as
a matter of moral principle.) This kind of elite praetorian guard
is a sure and unambiguous sign of an approaching failure
of democracy, because a mercenary force is by definition
answerable to no one, no one, that is, except, of course,
the devil's banker;

(5) Once the ever-expanding circle of ethical awareness
reaches unity, or identity, with the whole of the spiritual
circumference of planet Earth, then it will seem self-evident
that it is now a question of non-violence, or non-existence.
This is simply because of the destructive potential of current
weapons technologies. In other words, as is generally
already the case in Europe, the use of force as a means of
conflict resolution will not be seen as a viable alternative.
Enlightened governments will therefore necessarily, in a
way that strongly and synergistically parallels and
complements their commitment to the Information and
New Energy Revolutions, move naturally to become an
essential part of this great rising wave of ethical awareness
and responsibility.

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