First Light, Mt. Jefferson II—one of the most beautifully proportioned
peaks of the North America, II (IV.28.08) Central Oregon Cascades . . .

On the road in the American Northwest. [click photo for next . . . ]


(78) The Dionysian longs for the cold
crystalline nights of high mountain Winter,
and the steady measured movement of ordered,
silent stars;

The Apollonian longs for the rushing sound
of glacier torrents, and the wild rhythms
and summer passion of earth-bound fire.
What Man or Woman, or Art, or Culture,
would not sanction their perfect, fertile

(79) Consonance in Music is like measured rhyme
in the rhetorical Arts:—We desire and are comforted
by smooth, even, regular sounds, and a harmonious
embracing of similar movements. We can go too far,
however, as monotonous periodicity becomes the norm,
and we get fat and lazy on too much sugar and cream.

Dissonance in Music is like violence in the literary
Arts:—We want grit, edge, reality. Again, this can
go too far, as hypertension becomes habit, and we
rigidly stare down dangerous streets full of nothing
but barbed wire and shards.

Balance between the two? Observe the marvelous
middle way of natural language, where soft, sensuous
vowels dance arm in arm with the consonant’s strong,
persistent—noisy drum.

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