CLIFF CREGO | Leopard Frog & Weed Killers . . . (Rana pipiens)

Leopard Frog & Weed Killers . . . (Rana pipiens)
Native to North America.
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IMAGE: Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens)—one Ohio resident
that would almost certainly vote to ban atrazine use in its state!

Who would want to live in & depend on water that is so full
of endocrine disrupters it has become a Swiss-made
Castration Cocktail?

Atrazine is the second largest selling
pesticide in the world

It is an herbicide (weed-killer) used
primarily on corn

Also of note, it is used in forestry after
tree harvesting.

Approximately 80 million pounds [40 mk]
of atrazine are applied annually in the US,
primarily in corn growing states

Atrazine is the most common pesticide
contaminant of ground and surface water.
It is also highly mobile and can travel in

A half million pounds of atrazine return to
the earth in rainfall and snow [...] every year.

Studies in both the US and in Europe have shown
that atrazine can travel as much as 600 miles [1000 k]
from the point of application ]

Atrazine is also highly persistent and
remains in groundwater

Thus, even if atrazine use was stopped today,
it would be another generation (at least) before the
environment is atrazine-free.

Source: Dr. Tyrone B.Hayes PhD

NOTE: Atrazine is produced by Syngenta, a Swiss company;

Atrazine is illegal in Switzerland.

What is Atrazine?
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