Little Eagle Meadows, Solstice Time skyline

Little Eagle Meadows, Solstice Skyline [ click photo for next . . . ]
with last light VI.27.2009 . . .

The tree forms outlined on the horizon are the Whitebark Pine
(Pinus albicaulis) with its full, rounded crown, and the
Spire Fir (Abies lasciocarpa), with its narrow, erect profile.
In the Wallowas, these two signature species are the gatekeepers
of the high alpine forest above 2000 meters or so. They are sure
signs that one has left the drier canyon county far below. And
by morning, listen for bands of Nutcrackers and Blackcap Chickadees
flying about. I always hear them before I see them.

Whitebarks are not only
the signature species of
the alpine Northwest; they
are also in trouble.

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Eagle Cap Wilderness On the road in the American Northwest.


We shape the world and the world shapes us.

The way of non-violence is not merely the deeply held intention to live
a life without conflict and the use of force; it of necessity actively seeks
to make explicit the contradictions of thought, culture and convention
that lead to violence (and waste) of any kind, against oneself, against
one’s fellow human beings, or against the Earth. The voice of frustration
of the current era, amplified a thousand fold by the populist rhetoric of ad
Attack Radio and TV, flirts with violence of the most insidious
kind as a misleading means of releasing equally misguided rage. This is
a profound mistake. The way of non-violence, as an alternative, takes the
rule of law and civil stability as its point of departure, and seeks by means
of argument, dialogue, or, when necessary, civil disobedience, to widen the
circle of ethical awareness and discourse. It seeks to include in a radical and
uncompromising way the whole of both the human community and the
whole of the living Earth.

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