Mt. Goat at the summit of Copia Peak, the South Wallowas

Mt. Goat, summit of Cornucopia Peak, South Wallowas. Eagle Cap Wilderness [click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the American Northwest.

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Friendship is a mirror which reflects spiritual essence, even
when this essence is not yet fully physically manifest. Because
such friendship is rooted in essence, it is timeless.


If you find yourself censoring your own thoughts, cutting short
new ideas simply for fear of being attacked or ridiculed by
government or family or friends, then you are most likely no
longer living in a free and open society. That's bad.


Silence is the ground of musical sound; It is the motionless
interval or source of the new breath, the new musical phrase.


Crow said Coyote, "When Money speaks to Poverty,
have you noticed its tone of voice, the sort of questions it asks?"

Coyote scratched at the dry dirt and said, "Money never
listens; it doesn't have to. Poverty
always does; it has to."


We shape the world and the world shapes us.

The Minotaur terrorizing the labyrinth of the Internet is not just the
commercialization of Eros into mere pornography, or the corruption
of news into more entertainment. Nor is it the horror of the potential
theft of one's identity, or even the threat of all-out cyberwar. No.
The beast at the heart of the Web—devouring whole the minds
of countless youths and maids—is the endless chain of clicked
upon distraction.

Clearly, the thread which leads out of this maze is not more
technology, or the imposition of more blocks and controls. Certainly,
it is something more like awareness, or the timeless practice of meditation.
Here, there is observation of the fact of distraction. One simply looks
both ways, both outwardly (what) and inwardly (why), all at once,
and one click at a time.


For want of a single vote, the election was lost.

For want of an election, the democracy was lost.

For want of a democracy, freedom was lost.

For want of freedom, the republic was lost.

For want of a republic, the idea of a constitution was lost.

And all for the want of a single vote.

Ice Lake Camp
North Wallowas

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