WILD Wallowa Ridgeline, just under Krag Peak

WILD Wallowa Ridgeline, just under Krag Peak . . . [ click photo for next . . . ]

WILD Wallowa Ridgeline, just under KRAG PEAK. The
windswept trees here are Subalpine Fir (Abies lasciocarpa)
in their Krummholz (literally, "crooked wood," from the
German) manifestation. The rock is from the Wallowa Greenstone
formation, the oldest rock in the Eagle Caps, weighing in
at a quarter of a billion years of age. How a so-called
"Creationist," i.e.., someone who has not yet come to terms
with the facts of evolution, deals with such numbers is
to me a mystery. [Less mysterious, is that I find it
totally irresponsible and immoral to teach a child nowadays
that the Earth in 5,000 years old. It's also greatly
contributed to an epidemic of scientifically illiteracy,
witness the level of discourse in the U.S. Congress.] But
I must admit. My religion is Nature. Any religion with a
name, I do not trust. Religion for me, begins up here in
the free, pathless high country of the spirit. It fills
me with a kind of primal awe at the scale and power and
beauty of the Universe above, and the Earth below my feet.
As for the poor Creationist? I always say, that's somebody
who believes in horses and mules, but not in asses!

On the road in the American Northwest.

In Complementarity,

movement strives naturally

not so much to the opposite extreme,

but to the balance of the dynamic mean.

In balance is the transcendence of duality.

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(94) Path of Peace? Nowhere are the paths
of violence and peace related, nowhere do
they cross.

The Whole sees war as but the left hand
of humanity fighting against the right;

Compassion sees war not as two sides, but
as two rooms in but one house, now burning
itself to the ground;

Intelligence sees war as perpetually unnecessary
conflict. Name one thing humanity needs more
of, than less unnecessary conflict.

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