Summit 1113 m. (3653 ft.), Snake River Country

Summit 1113 m. (3653 ft.), Snake River Country,

View Southwest with last light, above the pass between
the small rural communities of Halfway and Richland, Oregon.
This is, for me, a unique, liminal, or threshold zone. There's
nothing quite like it, for example, in the Alps. It is vast,
open, largely uninhabited country. But it is also a natural
boundaryland between Dry Canyon Country—what the city
people in the Northwest call mistakenly "desert,"—and
the High Wallowas which crest at about two vertical km.
from this point in rugged spires of granite and
perennial snowfields.

On the road in the Northwest of America. [click photo for next]


“Information is a difference that makes a difference.”
Gregory Bateson (Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity)

To keep your little lifeboat of meaning afloat in a turbulent sea of
misinformation, full of the riptides of false, irrelevant data, and treacherous
whirlpools of consumer temptation and potential debt, stay close to the
coastlines of the broad, historical, polycultural view.

Learn the languages of foreign ports of call. Seeing things for yourself
from many different perspectives naturally lifts the best view up into
awareness, like a single bright beacon one suddenly sees clearly on a
distant horizon.

And, when the mist of night closes in, keep your moral compass close to
your heart, and let it point to the true north of sound, ethical principle.
Always: First, do no harm.

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I might just mention here, following the ethical principle,
First, do no harm, I never use cars or snowmachines. I
do everything on foot, bike or ski. I think this in a
direct way affects my work, and how I see thee world.

So all the photos above were approached on foot,
including all the what we normally think of as "in between
spaces," sometimes involving journeys of weeks
or months.

I would not want to work any other way.

of Light!
New Snow

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