CLIFF CREGO | TIDYTIPS DUO, (Layia glandulosa

TIDYTIPS DUO, (Layia glandulosa), SMITH ROCKS, [ click photo for next . . . ]
Central Oregon (V.5. 2008) . . .

White Layia is a beautiful early to mid spring annual
of the sandy, dry, open Sagebrush Steppe. It's
a member of the Aster family (see complex composite
of outer RAY + inner DISK flowers). The bottom,
basal leaves are lobed. Similar in appearance to
Blepharipappus scaber, which has purple anthers
(male organs) with white disk flowers. Notice the
signature 3-lobed rhythm of the white petals.

On the road in the American Northwest.

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When I play the hunter, I’ve
sometimes noticed I long for
the more carefree rambling ways
of the gatherer, coming upon
by accident, as it were, a whole
field of ripe berries;

When I play the gatherer, I’ve
sometimes noticed I tire of
all the boring beating about
the bush and long for the sharp-
pointed confidence of
the hunter who finds and
kills on the spot
exactly what he needs.


Hitchhiking. It’s late,
raining. Wondering
where to set up camp.

With time, one comes
to realize, despite the constant
flow of bright lights,

that the faster a sound
comes at you, the steeper
it bends. Either way,
in an alternative world,

that could’ve been either
you—or me—riding the wave
of disappearing red light.

from ON PATHS)

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