CLIFF CREGO | Upper Lake, on the way to Horton Pass, main North / South axis . . . Eagle Cap Wilderness

CENTER OF THE Wallowas, Upper Lake, on the way to Horton Pass, [ click photo for next . . . ]
main North / South axis . . .
Eagle Cap Wilderness
On the road in the American Northwest.



Symbols refer to meaning as currency refers
to value:—only in a highly abstract and intellectual
way. The danger with such abstraction is that it tends
to wander off on its own, losing its basis in actual fact.

Eventually, symbols may refer only to other symbols,
meaning then becoming merely a systemic property
inferred from the symbols themselves;

Likewise, value may no longer be grounded in natural
, but simply in more currency itself.

Before we realize it, it will seem logical
to say that life began with a bang,
and markets must end with:—a crash.


Money? A movement which always seems
to be going in the wrong direction.


Chance proposes; Intelligence disposes.
No one can predict which flower the butterfly
will pass by next.


Simplicity? In Politics, the most radical idea
is simplicity; In Art, the most difficult idea is
simplicity; In Science, the most necessary idea
is simplicity; In Religion, the most mysterious,
arduous, complex idea, is simplicity.


How complicated the ways we wander
once Truth is lost;

How needless the wars,
how without meaning the waste.


The five what I call metaphysical miniatures
featured here may all be found in the above
work, 100 MINIATURES. It forms the center of
my thought and work. I do and make on the surface
many different things: photos, poems, music,
The common source of this diversity
is outlined here.

I also call the miniatures, following Goethe, sayings
in prose.
In an era in which information and data
of every description is ripping through us like stray
neutrinos from all directions, the miniatures begins
with the simple desire to say something relevant,
important perhaps, but then with ever fewer words.

It's a practice I find very refreshing, like coming
unexpectedly upon the fresh green of woodrushes
sprouting straight through the spring snowpack.
I stop and say to myself, "Yes, this is what it's
all about!"

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(created: XI.10.2008)