WATER FOUNTAIN, Zürich "Old City"

WATER FOUNTAIN, Zürich "Old City" . . . [ click photo for next . . . ]

Nothing articulates collective space better than a
small open plain with the ritualized spring of a modest fountain.
A refuge from city noise, which, whether one is just passing
by or stopping to linger a while, always refreshes.

Because architects and urban designers no longer walk the land
as they did in the distant past, a feeling for this rhythm of
complementarity of dense activity and open space has by and
large been lost. So now everywhere we are given structures
without small-scale, intimate, living centers
. That's bad.

On the road in the Alps. 

(coda) THE BELL

The point at the center of a cross,
where wet and cold meets warm and dry,
and flowing waters and cultures divide.

North side and South side,
how could I ever choose? Swaying
back and forth, I am the bell
that rings out on all sides.

(URNERLAND, the Alps,
Fall of 1990)

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