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Water, dividing . . .  Winter Solstice in North America [click photo for next . . . ]

Pondering the patterns of water in flowing movement is a good place
to consider our relationship with the natural world.

How to create order in the world is the basic question. What is the nature
of this order? Is it the order of a bank, of a military barracks?

Or is it the order of a forest, or stream?

The key point is—and this is what Philosophy is all about—which notion
of order we resonate with, which one we chose to move with, is entirely
up to us. We have to decide which approach works best, and which
world we want, both for ourselves and for future generations of not just
human beings, but for the whole of Creaturea.

BELOW, are some essential thoughts and other differentiations
which might help us in this regard . . .

On the crucial difference between limit and control . . .

Control imposes order from without by projecting the predetermined
thought, conditioned by the past, of what should happen. The need to
control invariably increases as the disorderly, unexpected, side-effects of past
efforts accumulate, which results in ever-greater unnecessary difficulties
or complicatedness;

In contrast,
limit allows order to emerge from within
by determining only what at any given moment should not happen.
Limit is therefore open to the future, and tends strongly towards
ever-greater simplicity.

Here is an example of how this works . . .


a: The higher the degree of abstraction with which the
wealth produced by the many is represented,
the more likely this wealth will be hoarded
and abused by a privileged few.

b: Don't try to control the complex routes and byways
of currency. Rather, limit them—and strictly.
With clear taxes, stop signs, speed limits, and
permissible directions of flow.

When the limits of a system are few, fair, and simple,
they will to a large extent, much like the movements
along actual physical roads, be self-regulating.

c: The main reason why clear limits of this kind are
so difficult to establish is that many in positions of
power profit greatly from the corruption.

The key point is that, because the limits are few, fair
and simple, they are known to all; And because they
are seen by the vast majority of people to be to their
own advantage, such laws are easily enforced. After all,
who would put up with highways where a privileged
few are allowed to drive as fast, aggressively
and as recklessly as they wish
to the great peril of everyone else?

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