Whitebark Pine, (Endangered) Sentinel of the Highcountry, (Pinus albicaulis)

Whitebark Pine, (Endangered) Sentinel of the Highcountry, (Pinus albicaulis)

I've come to think of the North American stonepine species, Whitebark, as
the polar bear of trees. Because of climate chaos and rising temperatures,
it is basically being forced off the planet. Whitebarks mark the upper limit
of treeline. As temperatures rise, Whitebarks are both being attacked by
pinebark beetles—against which they have never had to evolved resistance
in their resin—and also are being forced higher up the mountain.
Eventually, like bears on floating icebergs, there will for Whitebark
be no place left to go.

Central Oregon Cascades . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

Other Whitebark images from the Wallowas . . .

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