WINTER REFUGE, the Alps . . .
On the road in the Northwest of America. [click photo for next . . . ]

seventeen 17-step poems


Inverted sled

at winter camp: after

storm, two fieldmice

call it home.


Among the alder

with hanging catkins,

a nest

that was left behind.


Where is the Dipper’s

house? Behind the waterfall,

the rock,

or the stream?


The hut was locked

all winter long:—

a sure sign of

mean-spirited times.


The barn cat has

the best of both worlds:—

free mice, free milk

set out, each day.


Eagles return to the same

twig nest each year. Why

change what is



It remains a deep

mystery where the ravens

find cover

at night.


The limits of natural


are bounded

by clear necessity.


Hording space,

building fences,

making money,

the land I rent to you.


The best refuge of all

is intelligence,

the worst,

is fear.



the light of welcome

seen through the snow

of a winter storm.


Safe. Warm. Dry. Out of

wind. Close to fire.

The snow above

never lets go.


The sign read: “Foreclosed.

Evicted. For sale.”

There was not a

soul in sight.


The guestbook read: “I

was lost. Found all

I needed here.

Door was open.”


As she left, she

built a tepee fire,

and left a matchbook

with a note.


“Strike this match

to light friendship’s path.

May it stay lit

all along your way.”


An overturned boulder

as big as a house:—

it all began:—

right there.

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all along your way.”

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