d & d


spEcies of

deadly substances laCe

wOmb of earth,


wiTh nothing other than more of themselves,


Multiple waves of

indetermInate effects,


in wAys so appallingly contorted in their

insoluble complicaTedness,

that I, as

one amOng countless millions of other members of creatura

wish we would have Not produced in the first place,


given the fact that i myself, too, Do need, as you, perhaps, too,

and many others, also, do need morE than a modicum

of purifiCation and cleansing,

why on earth does the wOrld not put its foot down and simply insist that

we stop thinking up ever-more new deadly Materials

which I'm sure, too, nobody

really wants or needS,

at leaSt

until It (science)

effectively has the Old profound mistakes of the past

thoroughly Neutralized, and, well: the urgency

  of all thIs should by now be obvious -- it is after all rather boring -- in that

the world which seeks security in N-weapons -- (¿contradiction?) -- might soon

need more than than just more Decontamination & DecommissioninG.

(read in one breath)