Basecamp at 6900 ft., East Eagle, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

I've been asked a lot about how I combine the on /
off-road mountain biking with backpacking and climbing.
It's a simple system. The pack goes in the 'bob' (trailer)
whole. As a last phase, the pack is put together with all
necessary gear, and then tied on top of the bob. Then I bike
(and push) in as far as I can get, hide the bike and trailer
(I ususally have something of a hard time finding them back
when I pack out...), change into mountaineering boots, etc.,
and I'm set to go, no car or truck or mules or horses
to worry about!

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2007
(created: XI.5..2007)