Home to go . . . On the road in the American Northwest.

Let's Go Camping!

There seem to be two distinctive styles of Northwest living.
One has the mobility and improvised quality of camping;
The other seems to be concerned more with the outward
display of monetary wealth, with large, new, expensive
structures placed upon the land. I would argue for a third.
It would be something like a Bucky Fuller Geodesic,
made of recycled materials—light, airy, strong, energy self-
sufficient, expand- / contractible, and when the land upon
which it stood showed signs of needing a rest, or when
climate patterns became less favorable,
easily removable. This is not the strength of concrete and
steel, but of the native Prairie grass with deep roots
for long droughts, and flexible stems for fierce winds.

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Photograph by Cliff Crego © 2007 picture-poems.com
(created: VIII.18.2007)