JANUARY THE 18TH of CELEBRATING 2016 #MLKday [ click photo for next . . . ]
Peace Candle—
On the road in the Northwest of America.

"BEYOND VIETNAM"—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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This is, I think many would agree, one of the finest and most powerful
addresses given in any language, at any place, at any time.

The central insight, it seems to me, is the phrase Dr. King would use one year
later: "It is no longer the choice between violence and non-violence in this world;
it's non-violence or non-existence."

At that moment, the address becomes transcendental in the sense of Thoreau,
or Gandhi. Why? Because, if a primary problem is thought of as a circle,
this, together with Climate Chaos, New Energy & Economic Justice,
is the circle of circles, the problem of problems, the problem which
embraces the whole—the whole—of humanity and the living Earth.

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