SPARTA BUTTE, from Summit Creek (XII.31.2007)

SPARTA BUTTE, from Summit Creek (XII.31.2007) [ click photo for next . . . ]
On the road in the Northwest of America.


The way of force and

outward mechanical power

always runs in a straight line.

For it, the way of water

and the meadow meander

is just a waste of time.

Control imposes order from without by projecting the prede-
termined thought, conditioned by the past, of what should hap-
pen. The need to control invariably increases as the disorderly,
unexpected, side-effects of past efforts accumulate, which
results in ever-greater unnecessary difficulties or complicated-
ness. In contrast, limit allows order to emerge from within by
determining only what at any given moment should not hap-
pen. Limit is therefore open to the future, and tends strongly
towards ever-greater simplicity and freedom.

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Winter Composite
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