CLIFF CREGO | Garden of 1000 Buddhas, Arlee, Montanta, prayer flags

EWAM & Garden of 1000 Buddhas, Arlee, Montanta, prayer flags [ click photo for next . . . ]

I made this photo while biking back from Glacier National Park
to the Wallowas. On the way, I stopped at the wonderful
and amazing Garden of 1000 Buddhas, in Arlee, Montana.
I like to think that you can almost hear the flags
fluttering freely in the September afternoon wind.

Special thanks to my friends, Chris and Konchog Norbu,
for showing me around, and allowing me to make photographs
of their work.

On the road in the American Northwest.


(1) The relationship and significance of human beings with regard
to the whole of creation. Are we merely an accident of evolution, or
is our being, while clearly a product of evolutionary processes, also
somehow an instrument which in a unique way holds and reflects
the whole?;

(2) The nature of the living center of each individual, or
what we call ‘the self,’ and the relationship of this center to the whole
of life, and what might be thought of as the spiritual realm;

(3) The relationship of individual consciousness to the consciousness
that evidently pervades the whole of Nature;

(4) The natural similarities and differences, large and small, between
the genders, and the necessity of gender complementarity;

(5) The necessary unity of Art, Science and Religion;

(6) The necessary unities of learning and love, of freedom
and limit, and of security and wholeness;

(7) The source and significance of intelligence and creativity;

(8) The difference between mechanical and creative change
or evolution, or a merely mechanical tradition and a creative one;

(9) The difference between true complexity and that which is
merely unnecessarily difficult or complicated;

(10) The nature and meaning of natural cycles of birth and death;

(11) The nature of energy as it manifests in the movements of life,
and its relationship to all of the above confusions;

(12) The source of the form of but a single poem or flower.


12 primary concepts for the description and generation of
movement in
Music, Poetry and Dance

(1) difference

(2) complementarity

(3) qualitative temporal-spatial ground

(4) density

(5) directionality

(6) constant / variable

(7) regular / irregular

(8) continuous / discrete

(9) homogeneous / heterogeneous

(10) spatio-temporal hierarchy

(11) simple/complex

(12) the universal somatic constant

| poster of Understanding the Shape of Change | pdf |


Do not mistake—density for intensity,

randomness for the unexpected,

complicatedness for complexity,

sentimentality for simplicity,

intellectual virtuosity for subtlety,

length for depth,

or merely

a loud voice for vitality.

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