CLIFF CREGO | Alpine Ensemble, view South above Pop Creek Pass, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Alpine Ensemble, view South above Pop Creek Pass [ click photo for next . . . ]
Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .

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Join me in my campaign to bring the conservation of Nature
and the best of classical music together. The sonosphere—the
sea of sounds which surrounds us—deserves as much attention and
care as our water and air!


The greatest instrument of change is the new idea. It
brings together, both for the individual and the collective,
our hitherto scattered and confused creative energies
into one unified direction. The new idea does not show
us the details or technicalities of how, but rather the crystal-
clear necessity of why. And that makes all the difference.


The interval between two tones, the shadow cast by a tree,
the flashing sparkles of waves on a stream or leaves on
a tree, all are not static 'things,' but rather movements
of relationship.

Perception is always a question of relationship.


One advantage of eyes that grow weaker with age is that
one sees less and less of all the disturbing details reflected
in the unforgiving mirrors of decline. But then, if we are lucky,
we may also discover that the mind's own inner eye, as we
learn to see more deeply into the nature of seeing and learning
themselves, grows younger, brighter, and ever-more resilient
with this great gift of each new turn of the living Earth,
each new passing day.

Hidden Lake,
Eagle Cap Wilderness,
Oregon, IX.5.2008

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