CLIFF CREGO | JOY, pure joy, of an alpine boggy meadow

JOY, pure joy, of an alpine boggy meadow in high
summer (August)
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I know exactly what plants are growing here, but I'm not going
to say. In a culture which is botanically, just as in music, almost
entirely illiterate,it is also nonetheless the first culture to make
certain species, for whatever reasons, illegal. A very ironic
thought, indeed. By what right do "they" do this? In
who's name? Just to be clear, I'm not "a dope user." I'm the
kind of guy who feels guilty about drinking coffee. But I do
know many who do, and know of Presidents and Priests who
enjoy a smoke as well. It is hard to think a single issue
or law which is so unequivocally wrong, and ethically,
totally injustified, and wrecking such unnecessary havok
in all parts of the world. Think of that.

On the road in the Northwest of America.


—for Owenuma Blue Sky

What's a weed but the
unwanted noise of another
man's music. But beyond
the margin, that little strip of
uncultivated life to the

side of a
well-travelled road, rank
growth is my splendor.

Everything needs a
place to be, and here, even the
weeds feel at
home, a free space where the trouble-
some have gathered together, un-

folding their own songs,
f l o w e r i n g
in peace.


Demonizing a wholly native plant, gift of the gods,
Of 1000 uses, of 10,000 years of practiced, universal
Cultivation, is hard work, requiring a meanness of spirit
Beyond mere torture, drawing on the darkest of energies,

Like those censorious pilgrims of Cape Cod, pilloring maidens
Free enough to go fishing on Sundays, in the name
Of their one and only lord, all the while thinking, "Bitch.
Get a bonnet!"
Demonizing the smoke of the hale, whole,

Healthy, is hell...Yes, the work of crazed Generalissimos and war
Presidents! Sieg Heil. Spray. Eradicate. Lock 'em up. But
Beware: Sightings of Lennon have been reported speeding

Cross-country in Reagan's black cadillac, sowing seeds
From coast to coast, a self-fulfilling prophecy? Weed?
Yes, there it is, amigo, growing free and wild again, healer of all.

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