Alpine Geometry, Muir Lake (Crater Lake),

Alpine Geometry, Muir ("Crater") Lake , VII.22.08 evening, looking Southeast, [click photo for next . . . ]
Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
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On the road in the American Northwest.

SOYBEAN PIE! is a fun children's rhyming poem & protest piece for double kid's choir and hand-held percussion instruments;

let the kids make noise!

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...Don't spray our beans with chemicals,
That's for us kids so inimical.

Our roots might rot,
If we eat a lot,

Of pies that are topped with chemicals;

Don't splice new genes in botanicals,
That's for us kids so fanatical.

Our leaves might rust,
And could turn to dust

If our pies are topped with chemicals.

Please—Don't play dice with pesticides,
That's for us kids like infanticide;

Our flowers might fade
And be of plastic made

In a parking lot for cars and not botanicals;

And please, please—Don't make our beans infertile,
That's for us kids so, so futile;

Our buds might burst
And our throats would thirst

If our pies are topped with chemicals.

So don't spray our beans with pharmaceuticals,
That's for us kids so, so inimical;

Our roots might rot,
 Our leaves might rust,
   Our flowers might fade,
      Our buds might burst,

If we eat a lot—
Of pies that are topped with chemicals.


3 months of hot as hell,

3 months of cold as hell,

and 3 months of lord-knows-what

in between.


Horizontal lines of water,

vertical lines of trees,

everything else fractals

in between.

Broken Bridge Camp,
Eagle Cap Wilderness,
Oregon, X.29.2008

Featured gallery, 100 MINIATURES, a set of 100 black & white photographs. ONE image. ONE idea. ONE new way of looking . . .
100 MINIATURES—online gallery

Each miniature is a kind of meditation on one idea & one image;
Each lasts 30 seconds; They play in random order;
The music is my BOREA Mix,
for hand-played ePecussion Orchestra.
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