(Lost) Glacier Peak, Eagle Cap Wilderness, the Wallowas

CLIMATE CHANGE in the High Wallowas—former Benson Glacier [click photo for next . . . ]
—now the Benson Icefield—northside of Glacier Peak, seen from the
summit of Eagle Cap, VIII.18.2009. Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .

On the road in the American Northwest.


With Climate Change, ice world-wide is disappearing at an
ever-accelerating rate. If Lewis & Clark would have entered the
Wallowas just 200 years ago, they would have seen small glaciers
and ice fields in all the high cirques and hanging valleys. Since
the end the Little Ice Age (c. 1850), these ice fields have all but
vanished. Over the same period:

(1) the average temperature has increased by,
in round numbers, 1 c.;

(2) snowpack has decreased by 50%, begins to build
about three weeks
later, and melts three weeks earlier;

(3) and most importantly, atmospheric CO2 has risen by
30% from 250 to over 390 ppmv.

Because CO2—a greenhouse gas—holds warmth, this is like
the Earth putting on an ever-thicker down jacket. And because
CO2 remains in the atmosphere more than 100 years, even if all
emissions were to stop today, we’re already committed to
unprecedented human-caused climate change on a scale
never before witnessed. This is not some hypothetical future,
but happening right here, right now.

In the Northwest, the tendency to watch is that of drier winters
and hotter summers.

By 2030, the Benson Icefield, pictured above, like the once
giant Ponderosas and Doug-firs of eastside forests, telling relics
of a different climate, will most likely have vanished into the thin
air of unrecorded history.

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