Morning Sparkles, February Sunsight at 6:56 (III.3.2009)

Morning Sparkles, February Sunsight at 6:56 [ click photo for next . . . ] (III.3.2009) . . .
On the road in the American Northwest

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WINTER PATHS—"deep snow"
seventeen 17-step poems

(i) The blank page

of freshly fallen snow.

Where shall our first new path


(ii) How deep snow heals.

The old wreck

of a car is gone.

Almost gone, the cross.

(iii) In one single night,

the rudeness of machines

and straight lines—

is erased.

iv) Children and snow

go together: Try. Make.

Break. Play. Angel. Snowman.


(v) Cars hate snow: Stuck. Skid.

Flip. Swerve. Won't start. Crash.

Oh my god, I'll

be late.

(vi) Snow means slow,

quiet, peaceful.

Cars mean fast, heavy—

get out of the way.

(vii) When two movements

bite or fight each other,

this is called—


(viii) The fieldmouse tracks

go, "hop, hop."

Straight line of tail

never leaves the snow.

(ix) The snowmachine's tracks

cut ruts in the snow;

its sound, smell,

carry miles.

(x) The silence of snow

is deep. If we listen,

we, too,

become silent.

(xi) Overcast again,

new snow tomorrow.

Good day for lichens

and moss.

(xii) If snow comes and

goes in winter, then,

you're not in the

right place for snow.

(xiii) The white death

of snow comes fast.

He went to the barn

and never came back.

(xiv) The way of snow shows:

Never trust the

man who is

absolutely sure.

(xv) Today's traverse

may be tomorrow's trap.

How hard, this art

of waiting.

(xvi) After storm, new snow.

All the old paths are gone.

Time to begin,

once more.

xvii) See the primrose

nested on south-facing rock—

the patience

of deep snow.

Snow Wiki Camp,
Eagle Cap Wilderness,

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(created: I.26.2009)