Two Ponderosas above Pine Valley Inversion

Two Ponderosas above Pine Valley Inversion (I.26.2009) . . .
On the road in the American Northwest. [ click photo for next . . . ]

New OCTET—Igor Stravinsky's
Piano-Rag-Music (arr. Cliff Crego)

One has to go back in time to the Paris
before the collapse brought about by what
we call the First World War.

Here's Igor Stravinsky improvizing, as I
imagine it, smoking a French cigarette and
drinking Russian vodka.

But it is also the rhythmic energy of Africa
that has now become a dominant force in
his music. Wonderful!

My message here is simple: Making music,
real creativity, is fun!
So much of music now--
99 % of classical music at least--is merely
2nd-hand immitation or recreation of past creativity,
which of course always has something
mechanical about it. Like the difference
between a recording and a live performance,
or between a photo like the one above,
and actually being there, hearing the silence,
feeling the cold, clean air against the skin.

| download MP3 of an historic recording of Igor Stravinsky playing his own (1919)

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Featured gallery, 100 MINIATURES, a set of 100 black & white photographs. ONE image. ONE idea. ONE new way of looking . . .
100 MINIATURES—online gallery

Each miniature is a kind of meditation on one idea & one image;
Each lasts 30 seconds; They play in random order;
The music is my BOREA Mix,
for hand-played ePecussion Orchestra.
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Freshly fallen February snow . . .

Nobody saw the animal that made the tracks.

The naturalist says, "Coyote!"

The ecologist says, "Where are the crows!"

The mystic says, "Perhaps a spirit wolf!"

The rancher says, "Kill 'em!"

One set of tracks. Four different realities.

Nobody saw the animal.

Freshly fallen February snow.

Sparta Butte,
The Elkhorns,
across January
last light

All Photographs & texts by Cliff Crego © 1998-2016
(created: I.26.2009)