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The urge to control BEGINS with the

illusion of separateness & independence;

it ENDS with contradiction & collapse.


Where does matter stop, and spirit begin?

This is evidently a question which not only cannot be answered prop-
erly at present, but which will continue to confuse the mind as long as
it is posed in this manner.

This is because the question of where does matter stop and spirit begin
assumes separation in space. If one thinks in terms of sound, however,
separation in space is not a part of the problem.

Spirit, or intelligence, might be thought of as a very subtle form of

This might be a kind of resonance body which envelopes the whole of
the less subtle and more dense physical body, the one nested within the

There is no separation in space in this view, only a movement of
resonance from gross and physically manifest—and therefore measur-
able—to the more subtle and less physically manifest, and therefore
still beyond the instruments and conceptual framework of present
empirical science.

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