Blue Mountain Buttercups (Ranunculus populago). Eagle Cap Wilderness

Blue Mountain Buttercups (Ranunculus populago). [click photo for next . . . ]
Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

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When actors become more important than the plot of
the movie or play in which they perform, or soloists
themselves more central than the movement of the
concerto itself, both the drama and spiritual essence
of each work will almost certainly be lost. This is the
price we pay for the cult of worship of mere solitary stars.


The greater the split between mind and body, the greater
will be a culture's tendency both to denegrate physical
labor, and, in order to supply the necessities of its non-
physical life-style, to become dependent on some form
of slavery, whether the slavery of the whip, or that of the
bare minimum of a survival wage.


Arrange the objects you use every day in a clear spatial
array and you'll never have to think of where to find them.
The hand simply moves to the left, or to the right, and picks
up its writing pen. This should be a guiding principle of
digital design.

Muir (Crater) Lake,
Eagle Cap Wilderness

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