"Stormy"—Wallowa Wolverine (Gulo gulo) photo by friends  Audrey Magoun & Pat  Valkenburg

Stormy—Wallowa Wolverine (Gulo gulo), photo by friends [click photo for next . . . ]
Audrey Magoun & Pat Valkenburg . . .

updated as new info, reports, images, etc. become available . . .

MARCH 2011: Just had breakfast at the Short Horn
here in Eagle Valley with Audrey Magoun. She leads,
together with her husband, Pat Valkenburg, the
Wallowa-Whitman Wolverine Project.

| pdf description of project |

Exciting new video and pictures!

The one above is of Stormy. Audrey is well-known
for developing a unique system of identification
based on each individual's breastplate fur coloration
pattern. [see above] The wolverine is quickly climbing
to the top of my totem of inspirational creatures,
especially for its amazing skill as winter mountaineer.
For all you biomimickers: think of making a synthetic
material that insulates so well that you can sleep right
on top of snow without one's own body heat melting a
hole into the surface!

preview Audrey & Pat's new book, WOLVERINE IMAGES

WATCHING: My THEATER OF THE NEW project has added the
wonderful documentary, WOLVERINE: Chasing the Phantom
(2010), featuring Pat and Audrey in their home territory of
Alaska, as well as Craig Sechler and Steve Kroschel
(streamed on NETFLIX)

NEWS REPORT of first tracks found, APRIL the 17th, 2011

A self-portrait of Pat and Audrey at work,
setting up one of their wolverine stations
in the Wallowas.
"Hi Cliff, Here are photos of the wolverine at
West Eagle; I think these are good enough
to conclude it is Stormy. Taken from
March 14 to March 27 before he showed up on
the north side of the mountains." Audrey

Watch clip of the first documented wolverine
made by Pat and Audrey in the North Wallowas . . .

Watch Gianna Savoie's documentary, WOLVERINE: Chasing the Phantom (2010):

Read an excellent background review of
Gianna Savoie's documentary by wolverine
expert, Rebecca Watters, written for
High Country News

One feature on Rebecca's blog I found
particularly interesting is a podcast
by Richard Nelson | ENCOUNTERS: radio
experiences in the north
, excellent audio w/
field recordings! | This is a special program
on wolverines
in the far North. [mp3 26.5 MB]
Two interesting details: Nelson speaks of a
female wolverine raising kits and her sensitivity to
snow machine noise, and the wolverine's
predator / scavenger relationship with wolves.
Rebecca Watters, an artist, writer, ecologist (wolverine & pikas),
and project manager for the Northern Rockies Conservation
in Jackson, Wyoming. She has field experience around
the world. Here, in the South Wallowas, she's learning from Pat
and Audrey how to set up a camera bait station.
Audrey Magoun, one of the world's most
admired wolverine experts, scouting terrain at 2300 m.
for one of her camera bait stations in
the South Wallowas . . . XII.8.2011

Pat Valkenburg, biologist, Alaskan bush pilot, and Audrey's
research partner and husband, in the South Wallowas . . . XII.8.2011
Pat showing Rebecca the intricacies of a new clip system
to catch hairs for DNA analysis of the wolverine's famously
rich and beautiful fur coat. As Audrey and I were hiking down
to their snowmachines at the head of a forest service road, I
did my best to convince her that testing the fur for Caesium-137
should now also be obligatory, and certainly at the least,
of some scientific interest. Why? Well, I personally was doing
fieldwork in the Wallowas towards the end of March 2011 when
the snowpack was blanketed with a dull green-grey fallout
layer, which I suspect came from the ongoing Fukusima
disaster. And, of course, the above bait station is a mere
200 km downwind of the former Hanford production
facility, which produced the plutonium for more than 60,000
bombs [sic] and is now the largest area of radioactive
contamination in the Western hemisphere. Reason
enough, in my view, for concern.
The South Wallowas . . . XII.8.2011
view Slideshow w/ Pat, Audrey, Rebecca, Mark & Brian, WALLOWA WOLVERINE setting up a camera bait station

DOWNLOAD pdf of Audrey & Pat's official 2011
Monitoring Wolverines in Northeast Oregon
report [2.4 Mb / 32 pages w/ maps & photos]

Video footage of a male wolverine in the Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon, captured by
Dr. Audrey Magoun, The Wolverine Foundation.

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