Cascade. Pool. Falls.

Cascade. Pool. Falls. (VI.30.2009) [ click photo for next . . . ]

The way of water, when still in its natural state,
displays at all levels an amazing richness and
complexity. I like to take off along alpine streams,
and keep hiking and climbing, until I find their
source, frequently in the the snowfields and glaciers
high above treeline.

On the road in the American Northwest.

MEDITATION—a way of looking

Meditation may very well be the natural state of the mind. Rather than
simply an art or skill to be learned or achieved, one might instead come
to meditation by taking away all the blocks that are in the way.

Meditation then, instead of adding something new, might essentially be
much more a movement of negation, of taking away.

From this point of view, meditation might be something like a great
watershed of the mind in need of restoration: remove all the sources
of disturbance and pollution, the blocks and dams, and we might once
again drink freely from the flowing waters, and see something of the
mystery of the bottom of the pool.

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