Little Eagle Meadows, view from above

Little Eagle Meadows, view from above (my tent is the tiny speck, center image), [click photo for next . . . ]
one of the most beautiful Whitebark Pine communities in the Northwest.
(notice the autumn coda of Alpine Fleecefower rusty-red!) Eagle Cap Wilderness . . .

On the road in the American Northwest.


In the new Philosophy, ideas are triangulated in a composite
view of argument, logic and demonstration:

Argument scans the field of a problem, looking at the best
of different, alternative points of view;

Logic looks for inconsistencies and contradictions, both within
and between them;

Demonstration goes beyond mere discourse and actually
physically builds the house, performs the string quartet, sends
the ship to the Moon and back.

Essential, is that we must insist on having all three,
argument, logic and demonstration. Everything else is
wholly incomplete.


(0) Sustainability is movement without contradiction, without
conflict, without waste;

(1) Sustainability is Network is Community is Friendship;

(2) Sustainability is when natural law and cultural convention fit
together like the shape of a well-crafted violin fits the laws of acoustics,
of its spruce and maple woods, as well as the physical movements
of the performer. Sustainability is therefore a state of dynamic,
creative—and sometimes even generative chaotic—harmony;

(3) Sustainability is when the structures and norms of cultural
convention adapt continuously to the exigencies of natural limit;
Limit gives rise to the formative context; Art happens when the
artifact reflects this formative context on all its sides, in all its
myriad details.

(4) Sustainability is what we become aware of with the dire shortages
of crisis; Contradiction is what we become aware of in the sudden
surprise of total collapse; Freedom is what we become aware of
when the Inquisitor knocks at the door.


Creativity is a state of high energy, a kind of superconductivity of
the mind, a mind without 'friction,' a mind undivided,
without contradiction.



Most insects cannot see red, yet hummingbirds attune to it instantly.
Remarkably, humans are evidently the only species that in a similar
way attunes to rhythmic pulse. Why? Even our closest and dearest
household pets do not tap their feet to our music.

Lake Camp
North Wallowas

Find out more about the Whitebark Pine dieback
in the Wallowas & the Northwest

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Muir (Crater)
Lake . . .
Snowbrush Casscade.
Krag Peak

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