WESTERN BOG LAUREL—  close-up July aspect (Kalmia empetriformis)

close-up July aspect (Kalmis microphylla),
above Hidden Lake, High Wallowas
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Western Bog Laurel grows in acidic soils, and in
somewhat drier locations than the similar in appearance,
Pink Mountaim-Heath(Kalmia empetriformis)

On the road in the American Northwest.


We shape the world and the world shapes us.

See the electronic keyboard—the synthesizer—with
its brittle octaves made of wired concrete, and its complete
lack of sympathetic resonance.

When similar sounds no longer spontaneously vibrate
together, when like sounds no longer reflect one another,
when like sounds no longer mirror each other's energies,
upon which instrument shall we play our songs of Love?
Upon which instrument shall we teach our children the
principles of Nature's way?

[NOTE: To demonstrate sympathetic resonance:

(0) push the sustaining pedal of any electronic
keyboard down, and sing into the instrument:

(1) push the sustaining pedal of any acoustic piano
down, and sing into the instrument: A miraculous

Sympathetic resonance—that I reflect in my movements
in some way your movements—
s the beginning of Love and Compassion
in the physical world.

Now, a moments reflection will reveal, that we
ourselves are becoming much like the electronic instruments
we build, play, and listen to, that is, inwardly so fragmented
from the natural world that we no longer,
as the Germans say, ‘swing with it.’

This is the end of Poetry, and the beginning
of what might be called THE LITERAL MAN,
a being who lives in a world of total isolation. ]

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