Special edition picture-poems.com Rilke ArtPrints, 11" x 14" ($12.00)
printed on quailty paper, with or without silver or black metal frames . . . Images are all from
the European Alps,
close to where many of Rilke's later poems were composed. [NOTE: The way
I like to use these prints to have sets of four or more which I hang up in my studio and change them
with the seasons, as a way of learning the poems by heart.]

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"Dollar Store" image + backside text picture-poems.com Rilke Postcards
Order 1 for under $1; order 100 for just $65. You might think of these as my special
student or big-city bookstore editions. Same images as the more expensive framed prints
at the Rilke/SHOP, but printed on tough 4" x 5 1/2 " 120 weight glossy cardstock that will last
a lifetime . . .

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Rilke greeting cards . . .

Special edition picture-poems.com Rilke Photobook . . .
This is it, the best of Rilke (80 poems), the best of my translations,
an the best of my landscape / nature photography in my new homerange,
THE WALLOWAS . . . Read the
CODA or afterword of this book
as clickable slideshow, about 15 pages. Everything about why I think
the work of Rainer Maria Rilke is important and relevant for you, for me
and for the present era is there.

for $49.95 + shipping or
download as e-Book for $14.95

New English translations
from the German of 80
of Rainer Maria Rilke's
best poems, together
with 120 color prints
from the High Wallowas.
With introduction . . .

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Special edition picture-poems.com composition, THE VOICES,
a soundpoem forpercussion orchestra & spoken voice . . .

photo of cliff crego

A new soundpoem for
percussion orchestra
& spoken voice

based on the famous
poem sequence
Rainer Maria Rilke
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for $0.89
or iTunes as album with
other of my compositions $9.99
[c. 23' 9 Mb]

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Straight roads,
Slow rivers,
Deep clay

You might also enjoy Cliff's DUTCH POETRY in new English translations . . .

A collection of contemporary
translation, with commentary
and photographs

by Cliff Crego

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