About Cliff Crego

Cliff Crego making a snow profile at 1450 m. South Wallowas, end of February
About Cliff Crego . . .

Cliff Crego is a composer, (former) conductor, founder of the ASKO Ensemble in Amsterdam,
teacher, poet, translator, and art / nature photographer.

He is currently on an extended bike/ski/
mountaineering trek
of the
Pacific Northwest.

His base in North America is in
the rugged and beautiful Wallowas,
in an isolated corner of northeast
Oregon; In Europe, he is based both
in the Netherlands, and the central part
of the Swiss Alps.

Weekly updates of his photos, poems &
metaphysical journals for this trip can be
viewed at: picture-poems.com

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DOWNLOAD in PDF format Cliff's
new book,
631 pages / pdf 110.7 Mb

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This is Cliff's new 6" x 9" paperback. It
includes 120 black & white full-spread photos,
as well as all his new writing & poetry
composed over the past two years
while trekking through the Pacific Northwest,
by bike, on foot, with skis, and while pulling a
sled with snowshoes. | preview
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Left is a thumbnail slideshow
of 210 recent images; it gives something
of an overview of Cliff's photographic
and design work.

To view larger prints, try
the clickable slideshow here:

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Cliff has brought the audio for all four of his websites together
HERE, on the SoundCloud platform. Have a listen! It's a
good place get a an overview of his work in Music,
Poetry, and his translations in German and Dutch . . .

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[ The Picture-Poems NEWSLETTER brings together
all four of Cliff Crego's websites & twitter
streams in one location

Websites by Cliff Crego . . .

(i) picture-poems.com 

A collection of thousands of primary photographs
with accompanying texts and poems, both from the Alps,
and more recently, the Pacific Northwest.

Weekly features include new photographs at Images of the
Natural Year
presented together with new translations of
contemporary Dutch & German poetry.

Other regular features of picture-poems are:

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ABOVE is a new don't-make-me-think infinite list FLASHSHOW w/ a sampler of my work, mostly from Photoweek, but also music, etc.
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(ii) The Circle in the Square  

This is Cliff Crego's website for his new music & poetry
performance project, The Circle in the Square.

The website includes a collection of hundreds of his scores
for various instrumental combinations, essays, QuickTime files,
PDFs & MP3s, as well as a special section for

| What's New | OCTET Project | download MP3s & PDFs |

| PERCUSSION Project | STARCYCLE Project |

| SOUNDPOEMS Project | VIOLA Project |

| TRILLIUM Project (for children) |
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(iii) The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke  

A collection of the very best of the poetry
of Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926), both in
the German originals together with some 100
new English translations, presented with
photographs from the European Alps.

Includes a bilingual archive of recordings, a
concise hyperlinked biography and an extensive,
annotated page of links to other websites.

| index of poems | features | posters | biography |

| the voices_mp3 |
(iv) Straight roads, Slow rivers, Deep clay

Regular presentations of the best of contemporary Dutch
and Flemish poetry in Cliff Crego's new English
translations, with commentary, recordings and photographs.

| index of translations |

In addition to contacting him by email, you may also write Cliff at his current
basecamp & office address in the Pacific Northwest at:

Cliff Crego
203 Main Street
Richland, Oregon 97870

(Please allow two or three weeks for reply, as he's frequently out for
extended periods in the Northwest doing fieldwork. last update III.25.2016)